jonathan ricciardelli

From a young age, Jonathan (owner and head trainer at Embark Dog Training), was always fascinated with dogs, wildlife and the great outdoors. 

It was in college that he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI in 2010. His senior thesis focused on the relationships between people and dogs in modern society. This educational background, as well as his hands-on experience training thousands of dogs, has given Jon the ability to view dog training from a unique perspective.

During the past nine years of professional dog training, Jon has seen and helped manage every kind of behavioral issue imaginable. He has experience training all dogs from eight-week old puppies in need of a strong foundation for learning, to extremely human and canine aggressive dogs in need of serious behavior modification. 

Jon currently lives and operates in “The Quiet Corner” of Connecticut on a 6-acre, wooded private property. He lives there with his wife Karen, three dogs Buddha, Kona, and Lady Bird as well as the Siamese cat, Dali.