At Embark Dog Training we use a balanced scientific approach to dog training. This means that we are open to a wide array of training tools including slip leads, harnesses, prong collars, clickers, food, and E-collars. It also means we have a systematic approach to all behavioral issues, as well as training new commands. This systematic approach is based on teaching dogs reward based obedience and behaviors, as well as in time giving consequences to bad behaviors. This approach will give the owners the ability to say both “yes” and “no” to their dog without any stress on the dog or the owner. We are also huge fans of the freedom that E-collars provide owners and dogs once both are properly versed in the technology. We believe nothing is more humane and liberating to a dog to truly have the world be their dog park. Where we can trust them off leash in the woods, being well mannered around strangers, and explore the world with us. We also will choose the tools that are right for each dog/owner relationship. Please follow our work on social media to see our methods in action.